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The jackalope is a mythical creature from North American folklore, traditionally described as a jackrabbit with antlers. This inspired me to create lots of different kinds of jackalope that might have adapted to other climates, by combining animals which live in similar environments. In 2016 I compiled these into a zine called the Jackalopia! This is a bundle of both of my jackalope zines along with an A4 print, a sticker and a badge.

Jackalopia Zine ~ This zine is 20 pages long and made at A6 size (approx 15cm x 10.5cm).

Inktober Zine ~ In 2017 I took part in ‘Inktober’, a worldwide art challenge to create a different ink drawing every day in October. Each day is inspired by a single word from the official Inktober prompts list. I couldn’t resist using jackalopes as my focus to create an extension to the Jackalopia! This zine is 36 pages long and made at A6 size (approx 15cm x 10.5cm).

Both zines are printed on recycled papers and handmade by me.

A4 Jackalopes of the World Print ~ This is an A4 (29.7 x 21 cm) inkjet print of my original Jackalopes of the World illustration, from my Jackalopia zine. Printed on lovely thick 270 gsm lightly textured card.

Jackalopia Badge ~ This is a 38mm badge featuring the logo from my Jackalopia zine. It has a steel pin back.

Jackalopia Sticker ~ This is an 8cm vinyl sticker featuring the logo from my Jackalopia zine. The stickers are weather resistant, printed on heavy duty vinyl with a strong adhesive backing.

All of these items are also available individually.

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