In 2024 I created a new illustration of one of my favourite animals, the red panda!

In 2022 I created the Mini Guide to Red Pandas, a little zine containing lots of illustrated fun facts all about the amazing red panda, shared by Red Panda Network in celebration of their 15 year anniversary of incredible red panda conservation work!

The red panda population has declined by 50% in 20 years, and there may be as few as 2,500 remaining in the wild. They are threatened by habitat loss, climate change and poaching.

Red Panda Network are committed to the conservation of red pandas and their habitats through the education and empowerment of local communities. I will be donating 50p from the sale of each zine to Red Panda Network in support of their incredible conservation work. Please visit their website to read more about the amazing work they do, and to donate directly.

Buy the zine here: Mini Guide to Red Pandas